The various types of events which are organised in our Mono Privilege Company:

Children's Day

Celebrate children's day with us. Children are liked by everyone and without children life become very boring and upset. They are blessed by the God and conquer our hearts with their beautiful eyes, innocent activities and smiles.

Discotheque Parties

A great light-show needs a high-quality sound system to really get the party rockin’! Our MP3 based DJ decks use the very latest DJ software run from laptops that link to digital mixers. This gives us the ability to carry tons of thousands of songs, create personalised playlists for your party and find your favourite tracks in an instant with its quick and easy search facility.

Fashion Show

Come to Mono privilege and get a chance to see the new and emerging fashion trends. We arrange the Fashion for you where you can find the collection of well-known fashion designers of India. When you want to know the latest rage in town, come to our fashion show invitations when we send you....

Valentine’s Party

A day for all who are in love, and for all who wants to fall in love! Mono Privilege Card organizes an evening for you to spend a special moments with your partner, with a lovely music that gives you the romantic feeling.Valentine needs everything special, So bring that special person to our Valentine Carnival - and say to them " I Love You"!

Theme Parties

All of our themes include the big elements you’ll need to create a great entrance or memorable photo at a big bash. Once you've made the commitment to party, it's time to come up with the party theme. Mono Privilege Card will host innovative and exotic theme parties.

Christmas Carnival

Santa is coming, The party is on the way with Christmas decorations and Santa Claus arrives to shower all with gifts galore and blessings! To keep the setting as lively as the spirit, we provide you the dance and music performance that delight you more.

New Year Bash

New Year Countdown -It is one the most awaited events of a year. Everyone wants to enjoy this time in a special way. We provide you with eye poping theme which you never forget and leaves a very beautiful memories for you.Party consists of Live performances by popular singers and dance troupes, enthralling music you can shake a leg on, fun games for all age groups, and last but not the least – Spectacular Fireworks & Confetti Blast to welcome the New Year make your New Year’s Eve exceptionally wonderful.

Water Park

Mono Privilege brings you the most awaited event. Come to Water Park and Spend your quality time with your friend and family. The real fun and full on masti is here. Excitment of water slides and many different types of water events will leave you spell bound. The most thrilling and fun part is waiting for you all. Come and be part of our event..

Rain Dance Party

Enjoy the rain dance with lots of music, fun and delicious food... Mono Privilege organizes Rain Dance parties with beautiful ambiance, and DJs play foot-tapping music. A little relief from those hot summer months, have yourself your own rain dance! When the heat is at its peak, you don't have to wait for the monsoon - just come and join the party with us .